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Played by: Jennifer Carpenter

Debra Morgan - Dexter WikiOccupation: Police Officer (moves from Vice Squad to Homicide in Season 1). She has not been promoted to detective yet (end of season 2)

Personality type: Open, honest, needs approval, tomboy

Signature look: Slick and professional, but often becomes unkempt before day's end!

Endearing trait(s): Earnest, hardworking, loyal, funny

Annoying trait(s): Plays down her own abilities and often uses profanity to the extreme, which makes her appear crass and unprofessional.

Debra's backstory: Dexter's foster sister, she often felt overlooked and ignored by her own father in favor of Dexter. She sees herself as "the other Morgan" - less accomplished and less likeable than her brother. Perhaps because she was never her father's "favorite", she feels compelled to find "true love" and be prized by a man, which sadly leads her to several unsuccessful relationships. She lacks confidence in herself and wants to advance in her career as a police officer but relies too heavily on the approval of others. However, in Season 2, she comes out of her shell with the help of FBI Agent Lundy and starts to trust her own instincts and become a star on the police force.

Debra Morgan

Debra's foster brother and coworker
Debra loves her big brother. She has never given him the feeling that he doesn't belong in her family. She was always made to feel the one in second place when it came to their father; now as adults they are close, but Deb wants to be closer. Debra often feels Dexter tries to push her away when she gets too close. She also senses that her big brother has secrets, but she can never get a straight answer from him. (Deb has asked Dexter to use his 'intuition' several times to help her professionally!) He saves her life in Season 1 and she returns the favor at the end of Season 2.
Harry MorganHarry Morgan
Debra was desperate to prove herself to her father and earn his attention. She thought following in his steps and becoming a cop would be enough, but admits that it didn't really seem to work.
Debra's boyfriendSean
Debra and Sean did not last long, with the relationship coming to an abrupt halt when it was revealed Sean was married.
Brian Moser AKA Rudy CooperBrian Moser AKA Rudy Cooper
Boyfriend (briefly fiancé)
Deb "felt safe" with him in a way she hadn't with other men. When his true identity as a killer was revealed, Debra was crushed.

Special Agent Frank Lundy AKA The Rockstar

Debra Morgan - Dexter Wiki
Co-worker/ Superior /Boyfriend
Debra's admiration for Lundy's work attracts her to him, leading them into a relationship despite the age difference and the fact that they are coworkers. Everyone at Miami Metro eventually finds out about them and it seems they could be happy together, if Lundy can just stop harping on their age difference. Debra has become stronger than ever before thanks to Lundy. She feels that he gives her confidence and she open up to him. He listens to her and values her input and that is something she has never had before with any other man, especially her father. Deb feels she can count on him and so far he seems to be the right guy for her, but his job threatens to separate them.



  • So, Miami is the haystack and the ice truck's the needle, right? Brother, I just found the f***ing needle!

  • F***ing Beef bus

  • Who is she? and are you trying to f*** her or set her on fire?

  • "Say one more thing about my brother and I will kick your nuts down your f***ing throat."

Debra Morgan - Dexter Wiki
In Season 1- Debra breaks up with Sean, a guy she later found out was married. Trying to find love Debra meets and falls in love with with prostethics doctor Rudy Cooper. Not knowing that he is the Ice truck killer that she's hunting for. Rudy a.k.a. Brian Moser also turns out to be Dex's real brother, but Deb doesn't know this... Yet.

Debra Morgan - Dexter WikiIn season 2 she meets book writer Gabriel at the gym and their relationship is hot and heavy, but after a very short time she realizes that her heart belongs to someone else. She uses the line "The truth speaks to me from a peaceful place" Those words were spoken by Lundy to her earlier in the day. She considered Gabriel to be age appropriate.

Debra Morgan - Dexter WikiThrough out season 2 she falls in love with FBI special agent Frank Lundy, who is older than her and the head of the task force, which she is a part of. The two start a relationship. Will their relationship last until next season, or will it end when the Bay Harbor Butcher case does?

Photos of Debra

Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan
Debra Morgan - MMPD

Debra Morgan - Dexter Wiki

Debra Morgan - Dexter Wiki
Deb isn't the best public speaker

Debra Morgan - Dexter Wiki
Deb in her not often seen police attire

Debra Morgan - Dexter Wiki
Julie Benz (left) and Jennifer Carpenter (right)

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