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Dissecting Dexter: Dexter Trivia
Dexter Trivia



  • When Lt. LaGuerta asks Dexter how he got so smart, what is his answer? ("Lots of sleep.")

  • What is the name of Dexter's boat? (Slice of Life)
  • What fruit does Dexter eat with his breakfast in the opening? (Blood orange)
  • What technique does Dexter defend himself against Doakes with in "Born Free"? (Chin La, Arm bar, pressure points to neck; seen in various styles of Kung Fu, including Choy Lay Fut)
  • What does the logo say on the back of Dexter's bowling shirt in Season 2? (Bowl Till You Bleed)
  • What is the origin of the sedation syringe that Dexter uses on his victims? (His first kill, Mary, used a syringe on Harry, and Dexter used the same kind of syringe on Mary that she did on Harry. He uses the same type of syringe that almost would have killed his foster father on all of his victims.)
  • What is Dexter's blood type? (AB-)
  • What is the name of Dexter's biological father? (Joseph Driscoll)
  • How does Dexter always greet Rita when she calls? ("Hey, you")
  • Who is the only person in a room full of cops that Dexter gives the creeps? (Sgt. Doakes)
  • What martial art did Dexter study in College? (Advanced Jujitsu)
  • In the intro of the show, what kind of lock does Dexter have on his apartment? (Defiant)
  • Goof: In the episode 4 (season 1) Give the boy a hand, when Dexter looks at the back of the photograph and sees the smiley face, the photo paper is HP. Digital photo printing wasn't around when Dexter was young.
  • The above goof could be easily explained as a scan of the original picture. Dexter, Debra and Harry would have to have had to share photos and it is possible that they scanned the photos via computer so they each had a copy.
  • Dexter has a very large scar, located on his side, under his left arm about the height of his nipple.
  • What does the stool in Dexter's appartment say on it? (Smith and Wesson)
Why doesn't Dexter wear gloves when he dumps the evidence?


  • Number of victims from Season One: 13
  • What is Dexter's apartment number? (10B)
  • What is the home address Dexter lived at with Laura & Brian Moser? (1235 Mangrove Drive)
  • What is Rudy's (a.k.a. The Ice Truck Killer/Brian Moser) apartment number? (23)
  • What is the ID number of the cargo container where Dexter was found in blood as a child? (CBAN 3489)
  • Number of official police cases that Dexter has worked on in his 12-year career (as of 1x02 "Crocodile"): 2,103
  • Address of Joseph Driscoll's home: 5570
  • Date that Joseph Driscoll was cremated: 12-1-06
  • Dexter's license plate: LFH 604
  • Sgt. Doakes' radio call sign/ID: 3H88
  • What was the street name that Debra chased the boy to and pulled a gun on in S2E2? (83rd Avenue)
  • As a child what number did Dexter have on his soccer uniform? (9)
  • What is Lila's apartment building numbers? (301-409)
  • Number of people that were involved in Dexter's bio-logical mothers death? 3 men were responsible for Laura Moser's death.

  • What is the name of Harry Morgan's slain partner, discussed in flashback in episode 2, "Crocodile"? (Davey Sanchez)
  • Where did Harry Morgan's father work as a custodial/maintenance engineer for 30 years? (Angel of Mercy Hospital)
  • What does it say on Deb's T-shirt when Dexter goes home after attempting to kill the voodoo priest? (Alive and Well) (S2 Episode 1 "It's Alive!" )
  • The song that Deb is singing and dancing to is "Make Me Lose Control" by Eric Carmen (S1 Episode 8 Shrink Wrap)
  • Season 1 Episode 9: Father Knows Best: When Deb is waking up and starts talking to Rudy, there's a quick shot where we can see Jennifer Carpenter is wearing a stick on bra
  • Season 1 Episode 10: Seeing Red Goof: When Deb and Doakes first arrive at the hotel, the reflection of the camera crane can be seen in the car's rear windshield.
  • What beer does Rudy (a.k.a. The Ice Truck Killer/Brian Moser) drink? (Jekyll Island Lager)
  • What does Rudy (a.k.a. The Ice Truck Killer/Brian Moser) leave behind at the Tony Tucci crime scene? (Lozenge wrapper)
  • What are some of the names of Rudy's (a.k.a. The Ice Truck Killer/Brian Moser) victims? (Amy True, Terry Foster, Alice Curry, Jill Vartos, Heather Costas, Guilda Ruppert, Teri Ludlow, Sherry Taylor; the real Rudy Cooper)
  • What is the name on the truck that the Ice Truck Killer drove? (Miami Chills Ice Refrigerated Delivery)
  • What does Dexter recall was tattooed on his bio-dad's arm? (Spiderweb on the elbow) (S1 Episode 9: Father Knows Best)


  • What is the name of Rita's neighbor's yapping dog? (Walter)
  • What did Rita dress up as for Halloween, instead of her typical Snow White princess costume? (Tomb Raider's Lara Croft)
  • Where did Rita say she moved from to Florida? (Michigan)
  • What has Rita tried to successfully grow in her yard? (Lemon trees)
  • As Rita is pinning up a banner for Astor's birthday, one can see that the word "birthday" is misspelled, season 1, episode 6 Return to sender
  • The hotel where Rita works is called the “Z” hotel.
  • In an interview during season one, Julie Benz noted that the child actors are eight- and six-years-old.
  • On the beginning of season 1,episode 4 Lets give the boy a hand,right at the moment Dexter is doing a voiceover about the Halloween tradition of people wearing masks of monsters, Cody appears wearing a mask of U.S. President George W. Bush.
  • What are the various gifts Angel buys for Nina for their 10th wedding anniversary? (A clover pin; earrings that were an "x" and an "o", a key necklace; the key to his heart)
  • What's is Angel's ex-wife, Nina's favorite performer? (Neil Diamond)
  • What liquor does Angel get wasted off when him an Dexter go out? and where do they go? (Season 1, Ep. 5? Love, American Style) (Angel gets wasted off of shots of Patron, and they go to the Salsa Room)
  • In the series, what U.S. service was Doakes in? (Army - Special Ops)
  • When Doakes approaches Frank Lundy about a possible promotion, what does Lundy say the reason for his denial is? (Frank Lundy feels that Doakes has done a lot of fine police work, however feels that Doakes is more of a leader, than a team player and doesn't feel he would be good for his team.)
  • Where was Sergent Doakes born? (Waycross, Georgia)
  • Who did Lt. Laguerta have a relationship with in the dept in the past? (Sgt. Doakes)
  • How long did Lt. Laguerta ride with Sgt. Doakes? (2 years)
  • What was Masuka's job on Lundy's task force? (LFI- Lead Forensics Investigator)
Lila West aka Lila Tournay
  • When Doakes meets suspect Curtis Barnes (Season 2 Ep 4) at the marina what is the name of the boat they meet on? (SS FUBAR)
  • FUBAR is a military term. What does it stand for? (F*** Up Beyond All Recognition)

  • Some scenes from "Dexter" are actually filmed in Long Beach.
  • The season one promo "Day" was filmed outside the Paradise Motel at 1907 N. Surf Road in Hollywood, north of Miami.
  • 1x01 "Dexter": Seven Seas Motel, the location where Dexter first sees the third prostitute murdered by The Ice Truck Killer left in an empty swimming pool, is located at 5940 Biscayne Blvd., Miami.
  • 1x01 "Dexter" At the beginning of the episode, Dexter drives by The Crescent Hotel, a popular Miami beach resort.


  • 1x05 "Love American Style": Refers to an hour-long ABC show that ran from 1969 to 1974. It was an episodic romantic comedy comprised of short vignettes feat. celebrity guests, and inspired many spin-offs for other series like "Happy Days", "Laverne & Shirley". It was resurrected in 1999 but ultimately didn't air. The four couples within this episode: Dexter & Rita, Jorge & Valerie Castillo, Yelina & Ernesto, Tony & Shanda.

  • 1x09 "Father Knows Best": Title of a hit sitcom that ran from 1954 to 1962, depicting the typical American family wherein everyone relies on the father for advice.

  • 1x12 "Born Free": A 1966 film based on the real-life story of husband-wife game wardens in Kenya who raised an orphaned lion cub and re-educate it so they can re-release it in the wild.

  • 1x 03 "Popping Cherry": The episode title comes from the slang term for piercing a women's hymen, usually during sex for the first time. In this episode, there is a flashback to Dexter's killing a human for the first time.The episode title also refers to the dead prostitutes name, Cherry. Popping is also a slang term for killing someone, so it ties into the sex theme of Cherry being a prostitute and also the fact that she has been murdered

  • 1x01 "Dexter": [1] Dexter picks the lock on Jamie Jaworski's door and enters; once inside, then he puts on a pair of rubber gloves.

  • 1x02 "Crocodile": [1] While researching Matt Chambers on his laptop, Dexter pages through four newspaper articles, which alternate b/w Albuquerque (with the alias of Matt Brewster & a paralyzed victim) and South Boston (with the alias of Matt Rasmussen & a dead firefighter); however, the text on the fourth article transposes the incorrect story (specifically, the Albuquerque story is a copy of the South Boston article). [2] On the last shot after Deb hugs Capt. Matthews in LaGuerta's office, the radio on her left shoulder is missing. [3] The photo of Cervantes that Doakes removes from the board disappears and reappears. [4] When Angel kneels down to retrieve the cell phone from under the couch, he puts his knee in the middle of a blood stain. [5] Sgt. Doakes takes down Norberto's photo from the chart. When Lt. Laguerta later comes to speak with him, not only has the photo reappeared, but he's seen taking down another photo. In the close-up it's the photo on the right in the middle but in the long shot it's the photo on the bottom right.

  • 1x07 "Circle of Friends": [1] Dexter refers to Neil Perry's single-wide as a "double-wide".

  • 1x07 "Circle of Friends": When Dexter arrives at Neil Perry's trailer Deb says they have been digging through the entire night. Nevertheless, on the previous scene, when she calls Dexter to come by they are yet starting to dig.

  • 1x09 "Father Knows Best": [1] The tox screen that Masuka ran revealed a sedative; however, that may not have been detectable because blood degrades immediately after death. (But then again, the exact time frame of Driscoll's death wasn't revealed and there was no autopsy.) [2] Why didn't anyone follow up with Dexter on the theft of his father's ashes?

  • Dex kicks a hub cap in the salvage yard. Later in the episode, the hub cap is back on its original place Season 1 episode 6 : Return to Sender

  • 1X 08: "Shrink wrap"While removing blood from Dr. Meridian's cheek, the level of blood inside the pipette changes. When collecting the blood he barely fills the tip and then removes it from his face. When placing it on the slide the pipette is nearly full.
  • "Dex, Lies and Video Tape" In the Apres Sex scene between Dexter and Lila, Dexter's scar is on this right side, in the Pilot it is on his left side.
  • Dexter's apartment front door in episode one swings out into the walkway to get to his apartment. In episode two and on it swings into the apartment as it should.
  • Dexter's slide case hiding place, his air conditioner, in the first few episodes had an inner screen/filter that is missing after that.


  • 1x05 "Love American Style": Dexter refers to a bloody crime scene as a "Jackson Pollock painting". Jackson Pollock was an American artist who pioneered abstract expressionism; his painting style is often referred to as "drip technique", "chaotic" and "splatter painting".

  • 1x05 "Love American Style": The 'Patrick Bateman, M.D.' alias that Dexter on his fake DEA license refers to the main character of the novel/movie American Psycho, whose protagonist is a psychotic, yuppie serial killer.

  • 1x08 "Shrink Wrap": The 'Sean Ellis' alias that Dexter uses with Dr. Emmett Meridian is a combination of the main character of novel/movie The Rules of Attraction and its author, Bret Easton Ellis.

  • 1x11 "Truth Be Told": Angel's estranged wife, Nina, gets angry when she finds a bag of two Doublemeats. The Doublemeat Palace is a fictitious fast-food restaurant from the self-titled episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", where it was suspected of serving human remains (Season 6, Episode 12 - 2002). "Dexter" writer/producer Drew Z. Greenberg was previously a staff writer for "Buffy".

  • Three members of the supporting cast (Vélez, King, Zayas) appeared on HBO's drama "Oz," along with guest star, Scott William Winters, who appeared on season one's third and fourth episodes. Per executive producer, Sara Colleton, the coincidence was unintentional.
  • 2x08 "Morning Comes": When Dexter is shown leaving Lila's apartment if you look down the hall when Dexter is leaving it looks like Rudy's apartment in Season 1.
  • The e-mail address on Dexter's Craigslist ad is frozenbarbie@hotmail.web, but when the Ice Truck Killer replies, the message is addressed to

  • How does Dexter refer to the "reptilian voice" inside him who guides him? (Dark Passenger)
  • How old is Dexter when he starts killing things (animals)? 12 and 1/2 years old (at the campsite Dexter confesses to Harry he started a year and a half prior to the trip)
  • What's Dexter's favorite Cuban restaurant called? (Cafe Relampago)
  • When he dines there what does he always have to order? (A medianoche sandwich and a batido de mamey milkshake)
  • What is Sergeant Doakes' real name? (James in the show, Albert in the books)
  • What musician does Dexter like listening to? Philip Glass


  • What's the name of Dexter's OST composer? (Daniel Licht)
  • Who's the composer of Dexter's main theme (Intro theme)? (Rolfe Kent)
  • What feature song is played in the episode 'Born Free"? (Born Free)
  • 1x02 "Crocodile": Dexter sings the French children's song, "Brother John", to Astor and Cody.
  • 1x02 "Crocodile": While Dex and Deb enjoy a celebratory dinner at Loco's Crab Shack, the song that plays is an instrumental version of "Carioca".
  • 1x07 "Circle of Friends": When Neil Perry is arrested at the motel by Deb & Angel, he sings the gospel song "Now the Day Is Over".
  • 1x08 "Shrink Wrap": Deb sings along to "Make Me Lose Control" by Eric Carmen before Rudy calls.
  • 1x09 "Father Knows Best": When Dexter first sees Joseph Driscoll's body in the morgue and recognizes his spider tattoo, the song that plays is "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" by Creedence Clearwater Revival, originally released in 1970.
  • 1x09 "Father Knows Best": When Rudy puts on an LP and everyone (except Dexter) dances, the song is "Slow Ride" by Foghat, originally released in 1975.

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