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Played by: Julie Benz

Rita Bennett - Dexter Wiki

Occupation: Housewife, mother of three.

Personality type: Clingy, Dependent

Signature look: Doe-eyed, innocent

Endearing trait(s):Willing to accept others

Annoying trait(s): Willing to trust even the ones who don't deserve it. Occasionally a nag.

Rita's backstory: Before Dexter, Rita was married to Paul, a cocaine addict who used to abuse her

Rita's Fate: Killed by Trinity (Arthur Mitchell) in his ritual bathtub killing.

Boyfriend (Seasons 1, 2, and most season 3)
Husband (End of Seasons 3 & 4)
Rita was introduced to Dexter by Debra, after Debra attended the domestic house call where Rita was abused by Paul (her ex-husband). Rita and Dexter begin a long-term relationship that, unknown to her, is engineered by Dexter as a cover to appear more normal. However, she and Dexter become quite close and he accepts the role of being her protector. Rita has a long history of being abused and betrayed by men and it takes her a long time to become intimate with Dexter, which suits him just fine. She becomes suspicious of Dexter's late night activities in Season 2 but mistakes them for a drug addiction. Not surprisingly, she still accepts Dexter even after his feigned admission to being a heroin addict. She gives Dexter an ultimatum that involves him attending NA meetings, where he meets Lila Tournay, who becomes his sponsor and a lot more. She may seem like a whipped puppy but she breaks up with Dexter after he cheats on her, which ultimately teaches Dexter a lot about himself. She starts to forgive Dexter and let him back in to her life at the end of Season 2, motivated in part by the fact that her kids adore him.
They have a normal, loving relationship
They have a normal, loving relationship
Abusive drug-addicted ex-husband
In Season 2's premiere, he is killed in prison.
Rita Bennett - Dexter WikiGail
They do not see eye to eye. Gail stopped contact with Rita when she was with Paul, then unexpectedly came back into Rita's life after Paul's death. Rita does not agree with her mother's controlling tendencies (which she takes out on the kids), and she chooses to defend Dexter against her mother's suspicions.



  • "Thank God she is alive. That poor thing must be a mess, falling for a serial killer."

  • "You know I hope they catch him today, and I'm not a violent person, but I hope they hurt him. (turns to kiss Dexter) Have a good day."

  • "Shut the f*** up, Nobody talks about my kids that way!"

  • "... Oh and I know your not into this stuff the moon tonight is going to be amazing, take a moment, you deserve. Love you, bye.(Last quote heard while shes alive)



Signature Look: Disappointed

Rita finding the shoe

With Dexter

Rita looking persistent

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chippewachaw rita is muff cabbage 1 Aug 28 2012, 9:47 AM EDT by Tanya022175
Thread started: Aug 26 2012, 11:04 PM EDT  Watch
rita is a complete and total *****. her normal speaking voice is a bitchy whisper no wonder her ex husband beat the crap out of her. her daughter is... well what do you know a huge ***** too. she adds nothing to the show and distracts dexter from his work with her interminable nagging and complaining. thank god she is dead, now please someone kill dexters retarded sister. however, unlike debra, who i feel should have been aborted, i find rita very hot.
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Mahoney13 God i miss rita!! 1 Apr 21 2012, 6:26 AM EDT by Debsdevil
Thread started: Apr 9 2012, 1:22 PM EDT  Watch
I loved rita, even though her character somehow annoyed me with her clingyness and her constantly nagging at dexter etc she was such a loveable cute person and when she was killed off i was so gutted :(

They should of kept her, but then again if they did then the lumen storyline etc wouldnt of worked so well, because that would mean dexter cheating, aka like the storyline with lyla :( but yeah i love rita she'll always be a great part of dexter!!
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sonof666 bring back rita!!!lol 1 Jan 2 2012, 6:24 AM EST by LittleMissHomicide
Thread started: Dec 21 2011, 6:27 PM EST  Watch
man i loved rita it would have been cool if instead of killing her off she saw dexter kill trinity,now theres a thoght!
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